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Ubiqare Support Improves Quality of Life

Supportive Care At Home For Breast Cancer

Padma, a 54 years old woman, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and was being treated by a senior oncologist in Bangalore. She complained of severe back pain, nausea and dehydration which were known side effects of the treatment. To deal with these side effects, Padma had to frequently travel to the hospital. Due to the presence of ...

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Supportive Care at Home for Liver Cancer

Srinivasan was a 74 years old male diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma and cirrhosis of liver. He was under the care of a senior onco-palliation specialist in Bangalore. He frequently complained of pain and inability to move. His family members had opted for a nurse to care for him at home. However, they felt that they needed more medical attention to ...

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Supportive Care at Home for Stroke Patient

Shailaja, an 86-year old lady, suffered a severe stroke in October 2018. She was immediately rushed to the hospital by her family. A known patient of diabetes and hypertension, Shailaja was admitted to the hospital and put under the specialist care. After the initial treatment, Shailaja was moved back to her home. However, the stroke ...

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End of Life Care for Pancreatic Cancer

Harsha was a 68-year old female diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy with a senior onco-palliation specialist in Bangalore, Harsha was dealing with familiar side effects of nausea, pain, and loss of weight. She was also starting to lose her ability to move around. With time and age, her bodily functions were slowing down ...

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