Specialty Supportive Care Within Your Reach

We extend your Specialist’s care with our supportive medical care to you at home. Get our doctor-driven care to improve your treatment outcomes and reduce avoidable re-admissions.


Palliative Care at Home

Ubiqare helps set up your palliative care regime at home. We improve your quality of life and relieve caregivers from anxiety and stress. Our collaborative model ensures patients get highest quality of palliative care service at home.

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Why choose us for palliative care?

Ubiqare offers an extension of your specialist’s care. It combines specialist’s care protocol with supportive care. It brings a team of clinical experts to your care at home. We coordinate all elderly care and palliative care services at home. We ensure continuity of your specialist doctor’s care and timely response to episodes to avoid hospital admissions.


We manage clinical episodes in timely manner using audio-video interactions and physical interventions. We prevent hospital admissions for pain, side effects, and relapses.


Our Care Doctors and support services comply to your specialist’s care protocol. We monitor your condition regularly using digital platform, clinical telepresence, and physical visits.


We offer best medical support to patients within the comfort of their home. We improve their quality of life and reduce stress of families and caregivers.


Your digitized case documents are kept up to date and known to your doctor and specialist. You interact with your care doctor using A/V.

Just Ubiqare for Your Care

Care from Ubiqare is all about Continuity, Trust, Touch, and Quality of Life